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Open up the pipes and let the sats flow to developers#17

I really appreciate the hard work that developers do to make Rust great. The free and open source plugins they develop and regularly update are invaluable to myself and many others. I want to support their work but for reasons I don’t need to explain I am not willing to use paypal. I’ve also spoken with many developers, particularly in parts of the world outside of the Western hegemon, and for reasons that don’t need explaining they are unable to use paypal to receive funding. Thankfully the internet has it’s own native money protocol now, where payments are final and cannot be reversed. Of course I’m talking about Bitcoin, and more specifically the lightning payment protocol. I use this every day to send micropayments, a fraction of a cent, to content creators all around the world over nostr & on centralised platforms like stacker news and geyser fund. Of course developers don’t need uMod’s permission to share their lightning address on the plugin description page (it works just like email). But there is a huge opportunity here for uMod to encourage donations by displaying a leaderboard of contributors on the plugin page. That’s how it works on geyser fund, where the server I contribute to has raised thousands of dollars worth of sats to operate (sats are tiny bits of bitcoin). I would like that server to pass along some of those sats to the plugin developers and if the plugin page had a leaderboard they would be incentivised to climb to the top of it. Please don’t dismiss this idea because of a dislike for the ‘crypto’ industry, it’s really important to distinguish bitcoin from the affinity scams that claim to be anything like it. These lightning bitcoin payments are exactly like cash, they go from the self custody of the donor to the self custody of the receiver and are final. This has nothing to do with the pump & dump token scams of the ‘crypto’ industry.

5 months ago